Energy bills in Colorado are a mile high, and “natural” gas is to blame

March 15, 2023


Action Page, Gas Leaks


The price of “natural” gas TRIPLED last year, driving up energy costs for everyone — but especially people who use gas to heat their homes or cook. Share your story today!

These higher gas prices are impacting people across the country, but few places are being hit as hard as Colorado. The state’s largest utility, Xcel Energy, has been jacking up rates and raking in the cash in the last year:

  • Xcel’s rates nearly DOUBLED in 2022. The utility increased gas and electricity rates on Colorado customers SIX DIFFERENT TIMES!
  • Xcel made $1.7 billion in profits, including $727 million directly from Coloradans.
  • Xcel CEO Bob Frenzel took home $8.3 million in salary and bonuses.
  • Across its service territory, Xcel cut off energy service to more than 20,000 customers who couldn’t pay their high bills.

Luckily, Colorado legislators are talking about ways to crack down on Xcel Energy and protect Coloradans from gas price spikes. The General Assembly’s Joint Select Committee on Rising Utility Rates is convening meetings right now about high energy costs in the state. Send in a comment below and let decisionmakers know how higher energy bills are affecting YOU, that you’re tired of rising gas prices and want cheaper clean energy NOW.

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