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Gas Leaks is exposing the truth about the dangers of “natural” gas and the fossil fuel industry’s disinformation machine

For more than a century, the fossil fuel industry has spent billions to convince us dirty, dangerous methane gas is “natural,” safe, and clean. Gas Leaks sets the record straight about how this disinformation is harming our communities and heating our planet.

It’s time to leave gas in the past.


Imagine for a minute that you’re a highly paid business executive who just discovered that the product you sell is
The fracking industry has set its sights on Ohio’s state parks, and is reportedly sinking to new lows in its
This week, oil and gas executives are putting on the North American Gas Forum, a closed-door get-together at a fancy
Residents in Chester, Pennsylvania already live with toxic air pollution from one of the country’s largest garbage incinerators, a sewage
If you’ve got “natural” gas appliances in your home, the call really is coming from inside the house. Despite decades
  This weekend, the American Gas Association (AGA) is hosting an exclusive Executive Conference in Austin, Texas. This "by-invitation-only" event
As leaders from around the world gathered in New York City last week to discuss energy choices that could make
Communities across the country wanting to transition to clean electricity consistently run into the same barrier: the “natural” gas industry’s
Fallout from Certified Disaster campaign continues as Project Canary reportedly shifts away from “gas certification” One of the largest methane
The fossil fuel industry has spent decades telling the public that "natural" gas is the "cleanest" fossil fuel. A new
Are you ready for a horror story? This one doesn't involve haunted houses or creepy clowns. Instead, it's about something
Reversal highlights greenwashing risks of gas certification schemes The Department of Energy has declined to endorse a standard for “certified”
The entertainment industry has influenced American culture and attitudes since the days of the silver screen. Today, Hollywood actors, executives,
In the 1960s, the tobacco industry reacted to mounting scrutiny over their product's lethal effects by introducing “low-tar” cigarettes. Though
  This week brought even more evidence that gas stoves are polluting the air inside 40 million US homes. Researchers


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Gas Leaks is a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a 501c(3) that helps individuals, trusts, foundations, and corporations achieve their philanthropic goals.

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