This Valentine’s Day, It’s Time To Break Up With Gas!

February 7, 2024


Gas Leaks


Ever had a romantic partner who tried to gaslight you and hide who they really are? Maybe they lied about their name or job, or said you were exclusive when you caught them dating others. We’ve all been there! But now, we’re all stuck in that same kind of toxic relationship with “natural” gas, which calls itself “clean” but is actually methane, which pollutes the air in our homes, risks our safety, and warms the planet. 

Tired of the gaslighting? You’re not alone. More and more people are realizing that it’s time to Break Up With Gas!

This Valentines Day, the Gas Leaks Project is launching the Break Up With Gas campaign to spread the word about methane gas, and offer tips on breaking off this toxic relationship.

@corrbette Sometimes we make silly videos about important things. Cause #genx does what it wants. I found out that “natural gas” is actually just poisonous methane and it’s cooking up cancer in our kitchens. Fun! (Not fun) GasLeaksAction is doing the work to teach us what we can do about it, and I’m doing the silly. #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Corrbette Pasko

Word is already spreading: check out the testimonials below from people who are breaking it off with toxic methane gas.

@dez.thelezEnjoy dancing to this lil diddy, but also follow @GasLeaksAction to avoid breathing in poison while cooking your mac & cheese!♬ original sound – Dez the lez

Ready to say goodbye to gas? Visit and help spread the word by sharing the Valentines below:

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