The Methane Monster: Revealing the Horrors of “Natural” Gas

August 1, 2023


Gas Leaks


Are you ready for a horror story? This one doesn’t involve haunted houses or creepy clowns. Instead, it’s about something much more real and much more dangerous: ‘natural’ gas. Gas Leaks is releasing two parody horror movie trailers that unmask the true nature of ‘natural’ gas: explosive, toxic, planet-warming methane.

Our first trailer, “Silent But Deadly,” plays on the concept of an unseen threat lurking in our homes. It’s not a ghost or a monster under the bed, but something far more insidious: the methane gas emitted by our stoves and heating systems. This explosive, invisible toxin is present in millions of homes, yet its dangers are often overlooked.

Silent But Deadly


The second video, “Release the Fracken,” takes a more monstrous approach. It depicts a toxic, terrifying beast unleashed from the earth through fracking, highlighting the ongoing environmental damage and public safety risks of methane gas extraction.


Release the Fracken


So, are you ready to face the Methane Monster? Remember, the first step in defeating a monster is recognizing it for what it is. In this case, it’s time to unmask ‘natural’ gas and reveal its true nature: methane. Learn how to banish the beast from your home forever by switching to cleaner, safer all-electric appliances at


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