Gas Leaks is getting Hot & Toxic!

March 4, 2024


Gas Leaks


You may have heard the news by now: “natural” gas is a hot mess. It’s actually methane, which is cooking the climate, polluting the air inside your home and constantly at risk of explosion.  

That’s why the Gas Leaks Project is launching ‘Hot & Toxic’, the largest campaign effort ever to spread the word about the harms of gas, hold the industry accountable for its disinformation campaigns, and help people embrace a healthier future powered by clean electricity.

No matter what the fossil fuel industry may tell you, gas is hot for the climate and toxic for your health. There’s nothing “clean” or “natural” about gas — climate scientists agree that its impact on the climate can be just as bad as coal power, and it pollutes the air inside our homes with cancer-causing benzene and other harmful toxins. 

The campaign is kicking off with the launch of the world’s first methane gas fake reality TV show: Hot & Toxic. Tune in to the explosive new show where one unsuspecting homeowner with a “natural” gas hookup is forced to live with 21 of the hottest, most toxic housemates imaginable. The show may be made up, but the methane in your home is very, very real. The toxic reality of “natural” gas…now playing in your home.    

The public service campaign, which complements a larger digital media strategy in key markets, launched this month with billboards in Los Angeles and D.C., joins a growing number of creatives turning to comedy to spotlight the climate crisis and its attendant health issues.

In conjunction with “Hot & Toxic,” the Gas Leaks Project is launching a petition to the Consumer Product Safety Commission asking that they require manufacturers and distributors of gas stoves to include warning labels informing consumers about the dangerous health impacts.

Health leaders in states like Illinois and California have pushed the need for better consumer information on stove pollution and the Consumer Product Safety Commission recently solicited information on their harms. Researchers at the U.S. Public Interest Research Group recently visited 62 stove retailers in 11 states and found that salespeople were offering “little to no information about the potential health harms of gas stove pollution or the need for ventilation.”

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