Flipping the Script: Challenging Hollywood’s Perspective on Methane Gas

July 24, 2023


Gas Leaks


Photos by Mark Van Holden for the Hollywood Climate Summit

The entertainment industry has influenced American culture and attitudes since the days of the silver screen. Today, Hollywood actors, executives, and studios have the opportunity to shift the public’s view of methane gas and share real stories of its impact on Americans. Gas Leaks is part of the movement leading Hollywood’s creators to take on the gas industry, and our work kicked off at the Hollywood Climate Summit. This annual event brings together entertainment and media moguls to tackle climate change head-on. Gas Leaks sponsored and hosted a panel discussion with the iconic Jane Fonda to discuss how gas impacts Americans from coast to coast.


To underscore the importance of standing up to the gas industry, Jane Fonda spoke extensively about the ‘greenwashing’ of methane gas, saying, “Don’t let them fool you. Methane [the main component of natural gas] is the worst climate-warming gas.” Her powerful words shattered the illusions around ‘natural’ gas for leading voices in Hollywood and sparked a call for action against methane emissions.

Journalist Emily Atkin echoed Fonda’s message, sharing that the term ‘natural’ gas is a marketing tool used by the fossil fuel industry to sow fear, doubt, and apathy among the public: “The biggest threat I see from methane gas is propaganda leading to more climate delay.”

But the impact didn’t stop at the panel. Gas Leaks spent two full days speaking with summit attendees and Hollywood executives to spark lively conversations about how the gas industry is misleading Americans. You can see some of our discussions below, including those with Kari Fulton of Frontlines to FERC, 6x Grammy award winner Malik Yusef, and 2022 Goldman Prize Winner Nalleli Cobo.


You can also get the full Hollywood Climate Summit experience by watching the panel discussion below.

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